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Who Is Niki Inox

Niki Inox

Building proffessional refrigerators since 1957

Our company was established in 1958, manufacturing commercial refrigerators and stainless steel constructions. Building on the many years of experience and investing constantly in human resources, equipment and engineering, our company is today, one of the leaders in the market of commercial refrigerators and stainless steel equipment in Greece. We constantly strive to improve, innovate and move ahead with new ideas and new products.

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Our goal is to offer the best value for money prices to our customers without sacrificing any of the quality or dependability of our products. Respect to the customer has always been our priority and our driving force. This can only come through quality, craftsmanship and care.

To ensure them, all the production is under strict quality control at different stages and each product is checked before the shipment. We have a modern plant, state of the art machinery and the employ the work of highly skilled human resources to ensure the high standard of our products. All our products are CE-certified and conform to the highest quality standards. Since 2002 and onwards, we are an ISO 9001 certified company by the TÜV HELLAS certification organization. Finally, we use material and equipment of European origin.